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Avatar Lilith

Format: 3D Model, Social Media, Theory
Duration: Ongoing

Image of Avatar Lilith rendered in Blender Cycles Engine

Avatar Lilith is represented by Aether Institute. Avatar Lilith was created in Blender and Zbrush from scratch, over the course of several months by looking into the mirror and sculpting day by day. Each element and texture from the fabric to the skin pores was made by hand from scratch, through a tedious process of refinement, modification, and attention to detail. Avatar Lilith is a tool of research, contextual practice, and a performance piece beginning in 2020, ongoing. 

Through using Unity’s game engine and Microsoft’s Kinect depth sensor, a DIY motion-capture rig was made to be able to control Avatar Lilith’s body and facial movements in real-time detection. Avatar Lilith’s social media is currently under development. Follow along on instagram @avatar.lilith.

I was able to further develop Avatar Lilith and Aether Institute under Laboratory Residency, Spokane in Fall of 2020. Below are livestreams, updates, discourse, and information about Avatar Lilith recorded over the course of the residency.

See below for full YouTube Playlist: 

3D Modeling, Animation, Character Design, Texturing, Storyboarding, Creative Concepting, Writing, 3D Development, Interactivity

Tools used:
Unity, OSC, C#, Javascript, Microsoft Kinect, Blender, Zbrush, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Sketching, Procreate 

VRBA - Intuit

Format: 3D Animation
Duration: 3 minutes 55 seconds

Stills taken from VRBA - Intuit 3D Animated Music Video 

Audiovisual collaboration with Pittsburgh artist & producer VRBA to create a full length music video for her single “Intuit” off the album Willow Scythe. This video was released with Fact Magazine on April 16, 2021 via TT Label. 

“Pittsburgh producer VRBA has joined forces with 3D artist and designer Adrienne Cassel for the visual accompaniment to ‘intuit’, a track taken from the producer’s debut label release, Willow Scythe. “Distinguished by an unparalleled sense of space, VRBA’s production moves fearlessly across sonic thresholds,” writes London label TT. “The album moves quickly between warped choruses and obscured sonic hazes punctuated with spongy drums.” On ‘intuit’, a cold and cavernous sonic world plays host to creeping bass, crunchy, tactile sound design and skittering alien percussion, immediately enveloping and overwhelming the listener.

Adrienne Cassel runs with this theme, plunging a glitched-out avatar into an infinite vacuum to be bathed in waves of live electricity, imbuing the being with transformative power and bringing about strange, body-altering mutations. Illustrating the tension between the corporeal and the intangible that permeates VRBA’s productions, Cassel illuminates the audio landscape into which we are plunged, weaving an abstract narrative of energy exchange and transmutation. As the album’s title suggests, both artists seek to create something sharp and focused from intricate and fragile source material.“ 

- Fact Magazine 

Read here for Fact Magazine’s complete writeup. 

Full video below:

3D Modeling, Animation, Character Design, Environment Design, Texturing, Storyboarding, Creative Concepting

Tools used:
Blender, Zbrush, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Sketching

Spotify Canvas

Format: 3D Animation  
Duration: 8 second loop

Spotify Canvas commissioned by Pittsburgh Artist & Activist, Brittney Chantele for her track “Like I Don’t Love You” released in February 2021.

This eight-second loop was designed to be congruent with Brittney’s current logo and design aesthetic, which can be seen on her instagram and website

See it in action on Spotify here

3D Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Design

Tools used:
Blender, Premiere, Sketching

Aether Institute

Format: Website, Social Media, Concept & Theory
Duration: 2020 - present

Aether Institute is a place for research, exploration, and discourse focused on the intersection of body and embodiment in a post net world. Manifested in the form of Avatars confronting the relationship between physicality and virtual space, Aether is a center to dismantle hegemonic structures of technology.

Read here

Conceived, developed, designed, 3D modeled, and prototyped Aether Institute 

Tools used:
Blender, Zbrush, Mind Mapping, Photoshop, Web Design (CSS & HTML)

The Queer Theory Library

Format: Website & 3D Animation
Duration: Ongoing

Screen recording of The Queer Theory Library’s Homepage

Web Design and Brand Identity commission for The Queer Theory Library. The goal of this website was to encourage the feelings of archival and dated imagery of notes, record-keeping and book formats while maintaining an ode to futuristic and speculative ideology. The final format of the website includes a two-sided book mockup with a Table of Contents and a draggable Feature Page, and sticky-note captions for informative links. 

“The Queer Theory Library is a library and archive focused on creating a collective space for discussion, experimentation, creation, and knowledge. Providing access to academic texts and activating them with curated cultural programming,  The Queer Theory Library invites an engaged, imaginative experience and greater community dialogue.  The Queer Theory Library also functions as an actively growing archive for local artists, writers, and residents to submit their work, writings, and ephemera.”

See the full website here.

Screenshots of The Queer Theory Library’s website

3D Modeling, Animation, Web Design, Brand Identity

Tools used:
CSS & HTML, CMS, Blender, Procreate, Premiere

: a technologically-driven, idealized vision of an alternative reality 

POSTVIVO is a digitally mediated performance art trio combining generative audio, projection mapped visuals, live motion capture, machine learning, and dynamic costuming.

collaboration between Adrienne Cassel, Samir Gangwani, and Ai Markus 

branding, flyers, tshirts, stickers, and event posters designed with mixed digital media




Hodgepodge Series, 2019 - ongoing

a confused mixture

a bi-monthly showcase of local and touring Pittbsurgh artists and performers. Curated and organized by artist Samir Gangwani.
hodgepodge series posters & promotional material created and designed in Indesign, Procreate, and Photoshop.

Images of posters & promo created for Hodgepodge series events in 2019 - 2020

Live Real-Time Motion Capture

made with Microsoft kinect, Unity, and NI Mate through open sound control (OSC).

allows users to manipulate any 3d model  with their own body movements.

used in POSTVIVO’s 2019 live performance tour.

L I L I T H Installation, 2019 

L I L I T H ’s flaming avatar moves with the viewer’s body movements. Ocean sounds play in the background as homage to the 21st century nostalgia of a once-living earth.

Phenomenology of Myself, 2019

interactive virtual reality project with real-time motion capture.
user 1 becomes a chair while pondering the object-oriented ontological nature of self-hood.

made with Unity, Microsoft Kinect, Open Sound Control, and Oculus Rift.

LineAR, 2018 

created at Carnegie Mellon University

studio MAR’s augmented reality game, lineAR, is a hybrid of pictionary and charades.
draw and act in 3D space to get your friends to guess a secret word.

made with Unity, Vuforia, and Google’s Tilt Brush SDK.

collaboration with Everi Osofsky, Marisa Lu, Bobbie Soques,  Anna Henson, and Jonathan Merrin.

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