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The Queer Theory Library

Format: Website & 3D Animation
Duration: Ongoing

Screen recording of The Queer Theory Library’s Homepage

Web Design and Brand Identity commission for The Queer Theory Library. The goal of this website was to encourage the feelings of archival and dated imagery of notes, record-keeping and book formats while maintaining an ode to futuristic and speculative ideology. The final format of the website includes a two-sided book mockup with a Table of Contents and a draggable Feature Page, and sticky-note captions for informative links. 

“The Queer Theory Library is a library and archive focused on creating a collective space for discussion, experimentation, creation, and knowledge. Providing access to academic texts and activating them with curated cultural programming,  The Queer Theory Library invites an engaged, imaginative experience and greater community dialogue.  The Queer Theory Library also functions as an actively growing archive for local artists, writers, and residents to submit their work, writings, and ephemera.”

See the full website here.

Screenshots of The Queer Theory Library’s website

3D Modeling, Animation, Web Design, Brand Identity

Tools used:
CSS & HTML, CMS, Blender, Procreate, Premiere