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Avatar Lilith

Format: 3D Model, Social Media, Theory
Duration: Ongoing

Image of Avatar Lilith rendered in Blender Cycles Engine

Avatar Lilith is represented by Aether Institute. Avatar Lilith was created in Blender and Zbrush from scratch, over the course of several months by looking into the mirror and sculpting day by day. Each element and texture from the fabric to the skin pores was made by hand from scratch, through a tedious process of refinement, modification, and attention to detail. Avatar Lilith is a tool of research, contextual practice, and a performance piece beginning in 2020, ongoing. 

Through using Unity’s game engine and Microsoft’s Kinect depth sensor, a DIY motion-capture rig was made to be able to control Avatar Lilith’s body and facial movements in real-time detection. Avatar Lilith’s social media is currently under development. Follow along on instagram @avatar.lilith.

I was able to further develop Avatar Lilith and Aether Institute under Laboratory Residency, Spokane in Fall of 2020. Below are livestreams, updates, discourse, and information about Avatar Lilith recorded over the course of the residency.

See below for full YouTube Playlist: 

3D Modeling, Animation, Character Design, Texturing, Storyboarding, Creative Concepting, Writing, 3D Development, Interactivity

Tools used:
Unity, OSC, C#, Javascript, Microsoft Kinect, Blender, Zbrush, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Sketching, Procreate