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Aether.01 is a durational virtual performance piece. I created a motion capture system that allowed my audience to control my virtual avatar performing as Me. I added scripts that caused Me to not strictly follow the movements, but rather created a vocabulary and language of movement that made room for more agency and personhood within the void. Aether.01 is an iteration of Void (Giving Birth to Myself).

I constructed my mesh in Blender and added texture maps and details in Zbrush. By using a Kinect sensor I captured skeleton data and used this for tracking coordinate points that were converted into OSC messages via Unity. I added scripts that re-targeted the positions of my Avatar’s bones either towards or away from the coordinates generated by the skeleton. 

Aether.01 was a part of a dual exhibition with Summer Jade Leavitt, entitled Possible Bodies at Phosphor Project Space (PGH). It is a conceptual iteration of Void (Giving Birth to Myself).